Xtreme Jump on the Nexus Tree (XJN)

3,120.00 including 20% VAT for UK and EU countries

2,600.00 for all countries outside of the EU (Rest Of World)

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Great for professional riders and riders who are doing highly demanding competition riding with your horses.

Specifically designed to make the transition from conventional saddles, to the many benefits of BALANCE saddles, as easy as possible.

The BALANCE Xtreme Jump saddle has:

  • A well balanced and generous seat with a sloping cantle to facilitate the rider’s need to close the hip joint and move their seat back, without hindrance, just before take off and when at the exit point of the bascule over a jump. This is also important for going Cross Country and Hunting, where the rider sometimes needs to adopt a slightly more ‘defensive’ riding position in order to maintain security in rather extreme situations!
  • Adjustable/removable knee and thigh blocks 
  • Best quality leathers that are quick to break in and easy to ride in from Day One, with a Bison Print leather used for the flaps and skirts to provide some grip, as shown in the photo above.  A soft hide is used for the seat and the pads. 
  • Shaping and padding down the front and back of the flaps helps to to support the positioning of the riders legs and provide a close, secure feel.

This Xtreme Jump saddle is built on the Nexus Jump Tree with flocked panels or foam panels.  This makes it possible to accommodate the panel preferences of individual horses.  

The Signature Colour of the Xtreme Jump Saddles is Black and Tan, but the saddle can be ordered in other colours.