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Our normal working week is from Monday to Thursday, but for fewer hours per day than before the Covid disruption to normal working.  

If you are ordering from our online shop, please pay attention to notices about any temporary closures, potential delays in lead times and delivery times. 

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We are the BALANCE Saddle Company

Our Functional Saddling System respects the way a horse needs to function to be healthy and sound. We provide information, education, and a big range of saddling equipment that has been specifically designed to get amazing results.

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Update on 27th Sept. 2021

In addition to the information shown below, the latest disruption we are dealing with today, is that the couriers have stopped accepting bookings because they cannot get fuel for their vans! 😲!  This means that orders that are packed and ready to dispatch cannot go anywhere, until this situation improves. 

Please be aware, that products that we have to order for you, are often taking longer to make than before Covid and Brexit!   'Normal' manufacturers lead times, seem to be a thing of the past😕 and shipping services, outside of the UK are still causing problems.  We ship orders out on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.  If you live outside of the UK, please remember that you will usually have to pay the Import Tax and Charges, imposed by your country when a package arrives at Customs.  BALANCE has no control over these charges!   Please check your own Customs and Tax information if you need to know how much you are likely to pay,  BEFORE you pay for your order. 

We will continue to work hard to keep things running smoothly, but please be patient if there is a delay in getting your order to you. 

 See our Facebook Page for more information. 

BALANCE Blog Posts

Talking to the TEAM.  Keren Morris BrSC.

Talking to the TEAM. Keren Morris BrSC. BALANCE co-founder Lesley Taylor, talks to the people who make up the BALANCE TEAM of Saddling Consultants and asks them 4 questions about how they came to get involved with BALANCE, why they do this kind of work and what they get out of it.  Here is Keren Morris.  Based in the North of...

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More Independent Evidence of the Value of Functional Saddling.

More Independent Evidence of the Value of Functional Saddling.

On the 16th of April, which was the 28th anniversary of the launch of the BALANCE Organisation, I used our Facebook Page to reveal a short film that has been made about a research project, comparing the way horses move in their own, conventionally fitted saddles and saddles used as part of a Functional Saddling method, AKA the BALANCE Saddling...

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This News Item is here to give you up-to-date information on our office opening hours as well as any enforced disruption/closure due to the Corona Virus. Its hard to imagine that we are are well past a full year since the office had to close to normal routine and business, due to Covid 19 lockdowns and...

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Are Horse Owners Being Blinded By The Bling?

Are Horse Owners Being Blinded By The Bling?

I have just been looking at other makes and models of saddle online, to get an idea of how the price of BALANCE saddles compares to what else is available.  We have reluctantly had to increase our prices again, after the manufactures have announced  another big, and immediate increase, due to them having to allow for the impact of Brexit...

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BALANCE Functional Saddling

A whole approach to designing, choosing and using saddles that respects and protects the ridden horse’s health, soundness and well-being.

Maintenance Saddling

A simple Saddling System that works to maintain healthy musculature, posture, movement & performance in the ridden horse.

BALANCE Functional Padding System

Versatile and adjustable pads, for horses to experience comfort & freedom, when used under an appropriate BALANCE saddle, or other makes of saddle with the right design features and width options.

Remedial Saddling

Helping horses to recover to their full health and ability after illness, lameness or previous saddle damage.

Beyond the Saddle

Application of Functional Saddling supports the aim of riders who study & respect the bio-mechanics of efficient, safe & therefore, beautiful movement in their horses.

International Support

Helping people & helping horses around the world, through a TEAM of dedicated & trained Saddle Consultants or Test Ride Facilitators in addition to support from BALANCE HQ.

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