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As we announced some months ago, please note that from the 1st August 2023, all new orders for saddles made for BALANCE by Frank Baines Saddlery (Zenith, Felix, Matrix, Nexus & Xtreme models) will go through The Horse's Voice Saddling Ltd., via the TEAM of BALANCE trained Functional Saddling consultant/educators.   This is the first phase of the plans for THV Saddling Ltd. to take over the sales aspect of BALANCE, under their own wonderful branding.   They will also be taking over the sales of all current BALANCE products before the end of 2023. We will post further news about this on our Social Media platforms. 



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We are the BALANCE Saddle Company

Our Functional Saddling System respects the way a horse needs to function to be healthy and sound. We provide information, education, and a big range of saddling equipment that has been specifically designed to get amazing results.

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BALANCE Blog Posts

Looking back at BALANCE history and finding the future.

Looking back at BALANCE history and finding the future.

It is February in 2023 and I find myself in the grip of a frenzy of sorting and editing many things in my home and my life! As our dear Teressa (fellow director and manager of the sales side of BALANCE) will testify, I am, by nature a hoarder.   She, by contrast is not, and would happily order a...

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A story of our times?

A story of our times?

A story about a nice, but ordinary horse, who finds himself in a bit of a pickle because his person gets led astray by a fancy saddle and an ambition to ride like an Olympian. Are you sitting comfortably?   Then we will begin.... If we create a fictitious recreational rider it will serve to identify and discuss some...

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Did someone say that life was getting back to normal?

Did someone say that life was getting back to normal?

Stop the Bus ……. I want to get off! I remember saying to people at the end of 2021 ……… “It’s been a tough 2 years, but surely 2022 is going to be better”.   🤞 I really believed it too.  I thought that Covid would become less and less disruptive and that the fall out from Brexit would start...

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Complementary Medicine comes to Joey's rescue.

Complementary Medicine comes to Joey's rescue.

Joey’s Story, in which Chrissie Mason works her ‘magic’ again. Author: Teressa Pickford     Editor: L. Taylor-Brett   You might be interested in reading about examples of how Chrissie Mason Phd. has helped me to help my horses over the past few years.  Most recently with my husbands horse, Joey.  Lesley posted a Blog a few months ago about...

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BALANCE Functional Saddling

A whole approach to designing, choosing and using saddles that respects and protects the ridden horse’s health, soundness and well-being.

Maintenance Saddling

A simple Saddling System that works to maintain healthy musculature, posture, movement & performance in the ridden horse.

BALANCE Functional Padding System

Versatile and adjustable pads, for horses to experience comfort & freedom, when used under an appropriate BALANCE saddle, or other makes of saddle with the right design features and width options.

Remedial Saddling

Helping horses to recover to their full health and ability after illness, lameness or previous saddle damage.

Beyond the Saddle

Application of Functional Saddling supports the aim of riders who study & respect the bio-mechanics of efficient, safe & therefore, beautiful movement in their horses.

International Support

Helping people & helping horses around the world, through a TEAM of dedicated & trained Saddle Consultants or Test Ride Facilitators in addition to support from BALANCE HQ.