Contact Information

This website is now only maintained as an archive of 30 years of the BALANCE organisation and so there is no longer an enquiry form or an active email address.

This website contains a lot of information about the history of the organisation, the research and the products designed by, and made for the BALANCE Saddling Company, as part of its ground breaking BALANCE Saddling System. So can be used as a resource for those of you interested in learning more about the many benefits of Functional Saddling methods.

However, the BALANCE Saddle Company Ltd. is no longer active and the production and sales of the products is now being managed by The Horse's Voice Saddling, so enquiries about sales, saddles and related equipment need to be sent to them. Here is a link to their website

If you have a question about a BALANCE saddle or product that you own, and cannot find the answer on our website or in the Saddling Manual which can be found in the Downloads area of this website, you will find information about the TEAM of BALANCE trained saddling consultants and their contact details in this area of the site.

There is still an active, BALANCE related Facebook Page and YouTube channel to make use of.