Xtreme Dressage built on the Nexus Tree (XDN)

3,120.00 including 20% VAT for UK and EU countries

2,600.00 for all countries outside of the EU (Rest Of World)

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There is no doubt that BALANCE saddles allow full, expressive and beautiful movement from the horses, because of their design and the way in which they are fitted and we appreciate that riders need to feel secure and comfortable to be effective. 

The Xtreme Dressage Saddle provides great support without blocking the rider's body movement. A great partnership needs a good connection and this saddle provides that.

The BALANCE Xtreme Dressage Saddle, built on the Nexus Tree.

Great for professional riders and those of you who are doing more demanding competition riding with your horses.  The saddle was developed with the professional/competition rider in mind, because so many of you are used to riding in dressage saddles that have a lot of rider support built into them, in the form of large knee blocks, thigh blocks and deep seats.    Our preference has always been to work with saddles that are simpler in design so that the rider is allowed and encouraged to manage their own balance and stability rather than rely on the saddle to do this for them.   

Specifically designed to make the transition from conventional saddles, to the many benefits of BALANCE saddles, as easy as possible.

A very attractive saddle to look at and comfortable to ride in.  Best quality leathers that break in quickly, with a Bison Print leather used on the flaps and skirts to provide some grip and a beautiful soft hide on the seat and pads.  

  • The saddle is built with:
  • A supportive front thigh/knee block,
  • Hanging e stirrup bars, positioned for dressage,
  • A girthing arrangement with long girth straps (billets) as standard, to use with an appropriate length of dressage girth, but the saddle can also be ordered with short girth straps (billets) to cater to horses who prefer the feel and stability of a long girth.
  • The front girth strap is on its own webbing strap and the 2nd girth strap comes from a sliding V that evens out pressure along the tree rails.
  • The front girth strap comes from immediately behind the points in order to avoid pulling the actual points down into the soft tissues behind the horse's shoulders.  
  • A slot in the front of the sweat flap can be used to anchor the front girth strap into a more forward position if necessary/preferred.   This is a useful feature for horses with forward girth grooves.

The Xtreme Dressage saddles can also be built on the Equinox Tree (XDE) and can be made with the standard flocked panels, or foam panels, depending on the reference of the horse.

 Colour and Customisation Options.

The Signature Colour of the Xtreme Dressage Saddles is shown in the image below.

  • Black bison print solid, for Flaps and Skirts.
  • Black hide for the seat , pads, panels, back facing, front facing and cantle insert.
  • Tan Welt around the seat and cantle insert.
  • Tan stitching
Signature colours and leathers on the Xtreme Dressage Saddle.

Customise your Xtreme with alternative colours and trim options.