This is the information we need you to send to us when you ask for a Distant Consultation. 

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We'll need to see these photos before we can start helping you with a query...

An overview of the BALANCE EEP, formerly known as the BALANCE Remedial Programme

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An amazing way to help horses to recover from muscle damage and postural issues

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Discover the Magic that happens when you ride at the right Tempo!

"Don't just wish for a NATURAL horse... if you want to ride, you need a SUPER-NATURAL horse!..."

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Found a 2nd Hand saddle?  Use this document to help you identify it...

Das BALANCE SattelSystem Proberitt-Informationen und Formblatt

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Thoughts on using Functional Saddling for Endurance, Long-distance & Competitive Trail Rides

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Essential things to consider when choosing a saddle to back a young horse in...

Understand the issues relating to saddle length

Use this guide in conjunction with the article: 'Is my saddle to long for my horse?'