If you cannot see a BALANCE registered Saddle Consultant or a BALANCE registered Test Ride Facilitator in your part of the world, you can still have access to a BALANCE saddle.

Our Distant Consultation Service has been helping horse owners for over 20 years in many countries around the world.

If you decide that you want to go ahead with a Distant Saddle Consultation (DSC), we will send you an information pack that shows exactly what we need from you in order to assess your current saddle and help you to understand which of the BALANCE saddles is likely to work well for you. This information can also be found in the PDF download to the right of this page.

If you decide to take advantage of the Distant Consultation Service, please make sure that you send everything that is asked for in the package. It is the quickest way to get the help you need. The data pack that you create, must be sent by regular post (snail mail) and will include a specific set of photographs; some video of you and your horse; a back profile of your horse plus a written 'report', which will include any information that helps us to understand your saddling needs.

Once we have received this data pack, we study everything in it and then arrange to phone you at a convenient time to work out which of the BALANCE saddles and which pad combination are likely to give you the best results. You can then decide whether to go ahead with a purchase or not. We do make a modest charge for the Distant Saddle Consultation service. This is because we spend a considerable amount of time with each horse owner during the process, which places considerable demand on the Technical Support Staff at the BALANCE office.

Going through the DSC process does not commit you to having to buy a BALANCE saddle and it does not commit BALANCE to selling you a saddle.

The DSC process has worked very successfully for many years, allowing us to help many hundreds of people and horses who are too far away for a face-to-face Consultation. Once the most appropriate BALANCE saddle has been identified, most people then go on to purchase a new BALANCE saddle direct from us. However, some choose to see if they can find a second-hand one, through either our own 'Used Saddles' page or other options.

In certain countries (EU and USA only) people can make use of a service that allows them to try the suggested saddle during a 30 day sampling period, to make sure that they are confident about their choice.

If you would like to make use of the Distance Saddle Consultation service, please email us with any background information that might be relevant. We look forward to hearing from you.