Keren Morris

Keren Morris

Online Technical Support.

Keren has been working in the Technical Support Office of the BALANCE Organisation for many years. She and her husband used to live in a village close enough to BALANCE HQ for her to be able to work at the office full-time.

After a couple of years, she got pregnant with her first child and apart from a short maternity leave, she continued with her important role, helping Carol to manage the support office.

However, after her second child was born, she and her husband decided to move back up to the North West of England where she was born.

With the wonders of modern technology, she is still able to deal with emails that come to the office asking for help and information, but on a part time basis, which leaves her time to be a Mum to her 3 children. Keren is also doing what she really loves, which is working hands-on with horses and people.

Keren teaches and is also a BALANCE registered, Saddling Consultant (BrSC), helping horses within the UK and has also spent time in the North of Germany. In addition, she is now helping with the training of future BALANCE Test Ride Facilitators

She is a talented artist and the author of a wonderful book called 'The Horse's Voice'. She wrote the book to share what she has learned from her time working within the BALANCE Organisation and to promote her own passion for a kinder and more ethically minded approach to riding horses.

For more information about Keren, do go to her own page on this site.